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Sustainable Competitive Advantage

The Selling Well logo

To survive, a business owner must dig deep. To prosper, he must draw from the depths. It is in these depths that his sustainable competitive advantage resides. In the case of The Selling Well, this sustainable competitive advantage arises from a unique ability to draw prosperity from the union of opposite skill sets: those of the business man and those of the artist.

  1. Brand Identity: The Selling Well logo, name, colors, and feeling embody the idea of prosperity as yielded from the union of opposites. In the logo design, the sharp clean blue (reason and business capability) is set in contrast to the rough, brush-stroked green (imagination and creativity). The name is a double entendre, literally and precisely describing a successful act of commerce while simultaneously providing a deep, organic, metaphor for prosperity: The Well. The rich colors connote nourishment (blue) and growth (green). The overall feeling is one of quality, contrast, and possibility.
  2. Positioning: Because The Selling Well helps clients draw from their own depths, we sell prosperity.
  3. Value Proposition:
    • The Selling Well sells Prosperity
    • State of the art analytics & business capabilities tempered by creativity.
    • Truly Strategic Marketing.
    • Sales-oriented/Results-oriented approach.
    • Virtual CMO and VP service provides high level service at a reasonable price.
    • High technology with a human face.
    • Complex things made simple and clear.
    • High integrity, honest approach to business.
    • Great creativity.
    • Great listener.
  4. Messaging: Everything expressed throughout all media and in all business interactions and how it is expressed--aiming to roll back up, either literally, or in an implied manner, into the above hierarchy--Value Proposition, Positioning, and ultimately the Brand Identity. Not everything needs to be explicitly said. Often, brands are more powerful when the consumer feels she is discovering it for herself rather than being led directly through it.

Messaging Examples:

  • The Selling Well sells prosperity.
  • The Selling Well designs plans with the analytical rigor of a management consultancy and delivers them to target customers with the creativity of a boutique agency.
  • Instead of hiring a VP of Marketing, hire the Selling Well for the price of a Marketing Coordinator.


Complimentary Review

Complimentary Review

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